Web engineering promotes systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approaches for the successful development and implementation of high-quality, and usable Web-based systems and applications.

Web engineering is a multidisciplinary discipline and girdles contributions from diverse areas: software engineering, system design and requirements engineering, human-computer interaction and user interface design, information engineering, information indexing and retrieval, testing and quality management, modelling and simulation, project management, as well as graphic design and presentation.

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Upgrade node / NPM on Windows

You could run npm i -g npm to update your node, but you should go for: Open a Powershell as Administrator Set the Execution Policy the right way, with unrestricted rights: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser -Force   Install the npm-windows-upgrade package as global: npm install -g npm-windows-upgrade Finally, run the updater and choose your desired version: npm-windows-upgrade [...]


Let’s Encrypt is Trusted

Let´s encryptMit dem 19. Oktober werden die Zertifikate von Let´s Encrypt nun in allen wichtigen Browsern als vertrauenswürdig akzeptiert. Damit ist der Grundstein gelegt um eine weite Verbreitung finden zu können. Einige Jahre lang verwende ich nun schon Zertifikate von Startssl oder aber CAcert. Leider haben sich die Anbieter nie wirklich etablieren können. Mit Let´s Encrypt sehe [...]

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Die ARD und ZDF – Onlinestudie 2015 und die digitale Kluft

Zum 12.10.2015 haben ARD und ZDF eine neue Version der seit dem Jahr 1997 publizierten Online-Studie auf der Internetseite ard-zdf-onlinestudie.de bereit gestellt. In der Pressemitteilung von ARD und ZDF heißt es: "Die Anzahl derer, die das Internet täglich nutzen, ist 2015 um 3,5 auf 44,5 Millionen (63%) gestiegen. Zugenommen hat auch die Unterwegsnutzung: mittlerweile greifen 30,7 Millionen (55%) [...]

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Updating Amazon AWS Security Group via CLI

When there is need often to log in to your AWS hosted EC2 instance, and you care at least a bit about security, one will need to update the Security Group "Inbound rules" to allows SSH connection from your current IP address to your Amazon AWS hosted server. You have two option to do so: [...]

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Holistic blended framework for Research and Education in Mechatronics and Computer Science

  “If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ’real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain” Laurence Fishburne, The Matrix, 1999   The 'Holistic blended framework for Research and Education in Mechatronics and Computer Science' (BLC) consists of a technical and a didactical part. These parts are accompanied by those [...]

Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 – Part 3

This post is a follow-up to Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 - Part 1 and Part 2 and will continue with the implementation of more Polymer web component into the app. Google Cards The CardView  has been added to Android with API level 21 that corresponds to Android 5.0. CardViews extends the FrameLayout  class and lets you show information inside cards [...]

Google AdSense Experiment

Starting from today I am experimenting with Google AdSense. I added two different ad units to my pages. One is now placed in the right side bar of the blog pages and another one right after the content of the blog posts, before the comment box. I will now just leave this experiment lasting for [...]

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Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 – Part 2

This post is a follow-up to Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 - Part 1 and will continue with the implementation of so called "paper components". The paper component library belongs to Polymer and is implementing Google Material Design. This component library will be utilized for the app we are building. First we are importing the necessary elements to display [...]

Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0

I just took a short insight look to the Polymer 1.1.0 library, that replaces the shadow DOM polyfill with a shim that is far more lightweighted than it was before in the old 0.5.0 version. Polymer is build for modern web browsers and makes use of the popular web components. To be honest I started with [...]