Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 – Part 3

This post is a follow-up to Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 - Part 1 and Part 2 and will continue with the implementation of more Polymer web component into the app. Google Cards The CardView  has been added to Android with API level 21 that corresponds to Android 5.0. CardViews extends the FrameLayout  class and lets you show information inside cards [...]

Google AdSense Experiment

Starting from today I am experimenting with Google AdSense. I added two different ad units to my pages. One is now placed in the right side bar of the blog pages and another one right after the content of the blog posts, before the comment box. I will now just leave this experiment lasting for [...]

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Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 – Part 2

This post is a follow-up to Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0 - Part 1 and will continue with the implementation of so called "paper components". The paper component library belongs to Polymer and is implementing Google Material Design. This component library will be utilized for the app we are building. First we are importing the necessary elements to display [...]

Getting started with Polymer 1.1.0

I just took a short insight look to the Polymer 1.1.0 library, that replaces the shadow DOM polyfill with a shim that is far more lightweighted than it was before in the old 0.5.0 version. Polymer is build for modern web browsers and makes use of the popular web components. To be honest I started with [...]

Google Web Designer

Google just published the Google Web Designer. It is a comprehensive tool to create HTML 5 based web content including JavaScript and CSS. For instance, one can create 3D animations based on CSS3 with them. I think it´s worth to give it a try.

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Googles Material Design

Google´s Android L was presented recently on Google IO 2014. During a featured session, called "Material design principles", Matias Duarte, Nicholas Jitkoff, Jonathan Lee, Christian Robertson and Jon Wiley  from Google gave a interesting speech about what we  have to expect from the new Material design that will come with Android 4.x / 5.0 (or will it [...]

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Hotlinking Analyse in den Apache-Logs

Nachdem ich heute durch einen Zufall auf einen besonders dreisten Fall von Contentklau und Hotlinking meines geistigen Eigentums "gestolpert" bin wollte ich heraus finden, wie ich dies maschinell analysieren kann. Im Grunde ist es (mal wieder) recht einfach. Meine Suche brachte mich zunächst zu Netz 10 und (da der dort vorgestellte Code nicht funktionierte) weiter zu [...]

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Ein Android Upgrade für Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N GT-P7501 (endlich!)

Dieser Artikel behandelt das "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N" mit der Modellnummer GT-P7501 mit 3G und WIFI. Für die gängigeren Produktnummern, die international verfügbar sind und waren, ist ein Upgrade natürlich keine Neuigkeit mehr. Nachdem bereits im Juli ein Upgrade auf  Android in der Version 4.04 "Ice Cream Sandwich" (ICS) versprochen wurde (und davor bereits im [...]