Solving performance issues with ESXi 6 (Gen8)

If you have installed to a newer version of ESXi on your Gen8 Micro Server and are now suffering from very low performance disk speed, try the following steps to downgrade to a former hpvsa-driver (scsi-hpvsa-5.5.0-88). Just follow these simple steps: Download the driver and unpack the archive named Stop all VMs that are currently running [...]

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Activate your ESXi free license

To add a free license to your ESXi 5.5 installation, go to the VMware webpage and log in to your account. There you will find a "License & Download" button, where you can register for a free license. You might also search for "Free products" on the product webpage and click on "vSphere Hypervisor" to get there. Go [...]

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The Red Screen of Death – Illegal Opcode Error

If you get the "Red Screen of Death" during an OS install on your HP ProLiant Microserver G8 after rebooting, reporting an "Illegal Opcode Error", do not worry! In most cases, this is just due to a wrong boot order configuration. Just follow these steps (and vary them if necessary to reflect your system configuration). Reboot [...]