Introducing Launch Templates for Amazon EC2 instances

Launch Templates is a new capability that enables a new way to templatize your launch requests. Launch Templates streamline and simplify the launch process for Auto Scaling, Spot Fleet, Spot, and On-Demand instances. Click for the full article. This excerpt was posted by IFTTT through Pocket.

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Conquering new frontiers – Amazon EC2

Starting from today, this webpage will be available through Amazon EC2, powered by the “WordPress by Bitnami (HVM)” and is now relying completely on nginx. Bitnami Wordpress Instance I recommend the plug in All-in-One WP Migration for a painless transfer. This plug in save me maybe hours in migration.

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Running Docker on Amazon EC2

As I am currently evaluating the three bigger cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) I came up with the idea to test how easy it would be to get Docker running on those providers. In this tutorial I deal with Amazon “AWS”, as I like them most out of the three [...]

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