Linux-Container bald nativ unter Windows

Container haben einen festen Platz in der IT, wenn es darum geht, Anwendungen zu separieren sowie Server-Konfigurationen einfach zu vervielfachen und auszuspielen. Trotz gemeinsamer Docker-Engine trennen Windows- und Linux-Container Welten – noch. Click for the full article. This excerpt was posted by IFTTT through Pocket.

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Docker Reference Architecture: Docker EE Best Practices and Design Considerations

The Docker enterprise customer portal. Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) is the enterprise container platform from Docker to be used across the entire software supply chain. It is a fully-integrated solution for container-based application development, deployment, and management. Click for the full article. This excerpt was posted by IFTTT through Pocket.

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Google Web Starter Kit – Docker provisioning

I just read on Golem, that Google launched a boilerplate for web applications. This toolkit is based on the Google Web Fundamentals. This article will introduce the Web Fundamentals and the Google Web Starter Kit and after that heading over to how easy-install it in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS using Docker. This process will enable you to

Running Docker on Amazon EC2

As I am currently evaluating the three bigger cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) I came up with the idea to test how easy it would be to get Docker running on those providers. In this tutorial I deal with Amazon “AWS”, as I like them most out of the three

Copying files from a Docker container to your host system

Just a short reminder, as I use this blog also as my digital brain: To copy files from a docker container to your host, one can use: [crayon-5c15642a0bac7058760984/] Of course, you can define already in the Dockerfile, which files should be added to a container, but this way, one can access files in the container