Why DevOps Principles Fit Well in Highly Regulated Industries

DevOps is best suited to digital start-ups with minimal regulation and few restrictions, right? Initially the DevOps movement stemmed from the agile, innovative, born-on-the-web companies that were able to change their way of working quickly. Click for the full article. This excerpt was posted by IFTTT through Pocket.

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Hopes and Fails in DevOps 2017

At the end of 2016, DevOps enthusiasts and evangelists alike predicted and even declared 2017 as “The Year of DevOps.” DevOps evangelist J. Paul Reed put more eloquently when he said in an interview with TechBeacon, “2017 will be the year that DevOps is finally declared 1.0 stable.” Click for the full article. This excerpt [...]

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DevOps: Where it’s going and how to make the most of it

DevOps is much more than a set of practices for smarter software development. The benefits of Agile-type thinking -- such as iterative development and continuous delivery -- are being pushed beyond the IT department and out into the wider business. Click for the full article. This excerpt was posted by IFTTT through Pocket.

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Updating Amazon AWS Security Group via CLI

When there is need often to log in to your AWS hosted EC2 instance, and you care at least a bit about security, one will need to update the Security Group "Inbound rules" to allows SSH connection from your current IP address to your Amazon AWS hosted server. You have two option to do so: [...]

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I lately stumpled upon "Chocolatey", that is according to its developers, "kind of like apt-get, but for Windows". Chocolatey makes use of the Windows powershell and is very easy to use. It is worth to get more into it.  I used it so far to automate the installation of Vagrant based Windows Virtual machines and to [...]

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Vagrant behind a proxy server

If you are using Vagrant behind a proxy server, you should go for installation of vagrant-proxyconf. But how to install this plug-in when you are currently limited by a proxy? Set your proxy on Windows, open a command prompt and enter: set HTTP_PROXY=http://user:password@proxy.domain.tld:8080 set HTTPS_PROXY=https://user:password@proxy.domain.tld:8081 Set your proxy on Linux, open a command prompt and enter: [...]

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