Moving cubietruck Linaro to a „real“ hard drive

In this guide I will record the steps I completed to move the rootfs to a SSD harddrive. When your hard disk is connected to your cubietruck power on and connect via Putty (or control directly via keyboard). Check, if the hard disk was found and what kind of partitions are available: seiler@cubietruck:~# sudo fdisk -l [...]

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Wireless Lan with WPA2 on the Cubietruck (Fedora)

This short tutorial will introduce how to set up Wireless Lan on a Fedora-driven Cubietruck. The aim is to load the necessary module and set-up the connection to a Wireless network during system startup automatically. First of all, the module for the Broadcom AP6210 chipset (offering Bluetooth and Wireless functionality) must be added to the [...]

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Installing Lubuntu 1.02 on Cubieboard 3

I just got new hardware to play around with - a Cubietruck / Cubieboard 3 that I will use as an application server in the near future. First of all we will set up a Linux system called Lubuntu Server on the Cubieboard 3. After that we are going to install additional software, like Apache [...]

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