As I am currently evaluating the three bigger cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) I came up with the idea to test how easy it would be to get Docker running on those providers. In this tutorial I deal with Amazon “AWS”, as I like them most out of the three mentioned.

On 23th of April 2014, Amazon added Docker support for their AWS Elastic Beanstalk, but this time, we will just focus on the EC2, not only due to cost issues.

The idea is to stay with the servers that are available at no charge (The so called “free tier”, which can run 24/7 for free within the first year). Of course, you can go for any other server instance as you like and need.

First we will set-up a small server instance on the EC2 service, followed by the docker set-up and the deployment of one example docker container.

Get the server instance up

  1. Login to your AWS Management Console
    The Amazon AWS Login page

    The Amazon AWS Login page

  2. Choose EC2 – the virtual servers in the Cloud on the Web Services Overview.