If you get the „Red Screen of Death“ during an OS install on your HP ProLiant Microserver G8 after rebooting, reporting an „Illegal Opcode Error“, do not worry!

In most cases, this is just due to a wrong boot order configuration. Just follow these steps (and vary them if necessary to reflect your system configuration).

  1. Reboot again.
  2. Press F9 to enter the RBSU
  3. Check, if the „USB Boot Support“ is enabled. If not, enable it.
  4. Go to „System Options“ > „USB Options“ > „Removable Flash Media Boot Sequence“ and select the proper boot device there. In my case, as I installed on a USB thumb drive that is mounted inside the micro tower, I have to go for „Internal DriveKeys First“.
    Removable Flash Media Boot Sequence

    Removable Flash Media Boot Sequence

  5. Then select “Standard Boot Order” (IPL) and choose to start from “USB Drive Key (C:)” first.