If you are in front end design and are even working for customers in the public sector, you have to most likely guarantee that the web page you are currently designing will be compatible to Microsoft Internet Explorer in all the multiple versions available. You may not need to work with IE6 or IE7, but the IE8 („The Windows XP browser“, since SP2)  will be the one you need to test your page with.

But in addition, your client will ask for the IE9, IE10, IE11 and starting with Windows 10, also the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Here is a simple way on how to get these browsers working in virtual machines so you can just start them when they are needed for testing purposes:


  • Install VirtualBox > 5.0, and select ‚command line utilities‘ during installation.
  • Linux:
    • Install Curl (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install curl).
    • For Linux only: unar (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install unar)
  • Windows:
    • The commands above are working fine with Ubuntu and other Linux derivates. For Windows, you will need to install Cygwin. In the „Select packages“ window, you will find curl in the „Net“-section.

How to install

Just run the following command to install all IE version from 6 up to EDGE:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xdissent/ievms/master/ievms.sh | bash

If you just want to have a subset of browsers installed, take a look at the next command:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xdissent/ievms/master/ievms.sh | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="7 9 EDGE" bash

After installation, start Virtual Box and select ievms images to start.

For more details and failed installations, take a look to the projects website.