The Internet of Things (IoT) is a (growing) net of physical connected „things“ – most likely embedded devices with sensors and network connectivity. „Things“ in this context are enabled to collect and exchange data and offer a direct integration between the computer-based and physical world. A „thing“ is uniquely identifiable and will work with the existing Internet infrastructure.

Everything dealing with the Internet of Things and ubiquitous computing belongs into this category.

Online Experimentation: Emerging Technologies and IoT

A new book I was involved in with a chapter about "Unified Remote and Virtual Lab Solutions for Engineering Education" was just published. It took now some time to get it edited and finally printed, but it was worth the time to wait for. Here  a part taken from the foreword, written by Mark Schulz from [...]


Upgrading Wireless Light Control System via CLI

I got stucked while upgrading the Wireless Light Control System from Dresden Elektronik through the web interface. The deCONZ software just closed when I invoked an update. To work with this issue, one can just start the upgrade process manual via CLI. I write it down here, as I haven´t found it documented anywhere else. Log in [...]


Creating a REST web service with Python for serving TinkerForge sensor data in JSON

This tutorial is demonstrating one solution to serve data read from TinkerForge sensors via a REST web service. It is implemented utilizing Python on a Fedora Unix (for ARM) running on a Cubietruck. It is not handling the basics of connecting to TinkerForge hardware, as this is covered quite well on their homepage. About REST [...]

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Definition of Remote, Online, Virtual, Simulation and Distance Labs

In the literature, various terminologies are used for describing remote accessible or virtual online experiments. To avoid confusion this article discusses these terms before the principal section. Distance Labs A Distance Lab is a web platform offering any kind of online accessible experiment. This can be a remote or a virtual lab. These two kinds [...]

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