HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is a suite of embedded management technologies, supports the complete lifecycle for the ProLiant servers. Starting from initial deployment to service alerting and ongoing management, iLO is a nice tool to be informed about your server health.

The Advanced suite is quite expensive, but you can get a Evaluation licence for six weeks to evaluate the product. Plenty of time to get everything working fine before you have to decide if the product is worth its price.

I am using iLO for the first time on my HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8, so the following is just a  precursor for new articles about this new „gadget“.

Setting up iLO

Before the first boot, add a network cable to the network IO port, named iLO, on the lower right side of the backside panel of your server. It is assumed, you have a DHCP server running in your network that will provide your server with an IP address. If this is not the case, your first need to set-up the iLO during boot up process (Hit F8 and in the menus set-up an adequate IP address).
In this iLO menu, you might also set-up a specific user account that is used to administrate your server later on. In my case, I just added a user, as the IP / DNS options are given by my DHCP server.
If you got a carton patch attached to your server, showing up login credentials, you can also use them to connect and configure.

First login

When booting your system, you will see the current IP address of iLO in the lower left corner of the boot screen. Just enter this IP into your browser and the following page will be provided, asking for your login credentials.

Integrated Light Out - Web Login

Integrated Light Out – Web Login


iLO 4 Advanced

Per default, there are some basic options available to use. I suggest to go for a free Evaluation license of HP Integrated Lights-Out Advanced (iLO). This license is valid for 60 days, so plenty enough time to get your server up and running.

  1. Open the HP iLO4 Advanced webpage .
  2. Choose a free trial licence for the HP ProLiant Servers
Try it now for HP ProLiant Servers

Choose: Try it now for HP ProLiant Servers

  • On the next page, choose “Receive for Free”.
  • You will have to login to HP or register a new account there.
  • After you have downloaded the PDF file, go to “Administration” > “Licensing” in your web based iLO and enter the activation key there.
  • Doing so, will provide you with the following features:

    • Authentication: Directory integration, Kerberos with Two-Factor authentication, HP Single Sign-On
    • Remote Console: Virtual KVM (Integrated Remote Console), Console capture, replay, and share, Text Console
    • Virtual Media: Image, CD, floppy, USB-key, scripting, folder
    • Power: Power-related reporting, power capping, thermal capping on some systems
    • Scalable Manageability: Support for iLO Federation Management commands to update firmware, control server power, use virtual media, and more

    The following screenshot will present you the interface of the iLO web page:

    The iLO web interface

    The iLO web interface