I was searching for a way to make a complete backup of all my images that I posted on the Flickr platform since 2005.

As this option is only available (with access to the original sized pictures) when you are signed up for the Flickr Pro option, I was happy to get the free three month as „Pro“ again at Christmas time.

After searching the net for a while, I came up with „Flickr AutoDownloads“, a tool for Windows, that is simply doing what I expected a downloader to do. I also investigated some time into Bulkr, but I recommend not to use this tool, if you just want to simple download all your pictures. Bulkr is of course capable of doing this job, too; but only in a payed version. So, for a fast solution, just follow these few steps.

  1. Download Flickr AutoDownloadr
  2. Goto „Options“,  choosing „Login“ and follow the instructions on the Flickr webpage.
  3. Hit „Okay“ back to your downloading tool and choose „original“ as Photo size option.
  4. You might want to set also the download path here.
  5. Goto the tab „Flickr“, selecting „One user“ and select your account.
  6. Your photos will be downloaded by starting the process with „Go“.

If you expect some errors during run time, just start over again, and choose „syncronize“ as an additional option, so only those pictures will be downloaded, that aren´t on your hard drive, yet.