Moving cubietruck Linaro to a „real“ hard drive

Moving cubietruck Linaro to a „real“ hard drive

In this guide I will record the steps I completed to move the rootfs to a SSD harddrive.
When your hard disk is connected to your cubietruck power on and connect via Putty (or control directly via keyboard).

  1. Check, if the hard disk was found and what kind of partitions are available: The resuls will look somehow similar to this:  
  2. I have a sdd connected with two partitions sda1 and sda2 – sda1 has a boot flag.
  3. In the next step the partitions will be deleted (yes, you will loose the data on your hdd).  
  4. With „d“ followed by the partition number you can delete a partition. In my case, I used: „d“, followed by „1“ and „d“ followed by „2“.
  5. To add a new partition press „n“  
  6. In the next we are formating the newly created partition: Output looks like:  
  7. Moving the data: Output on command line will look like: This process took about 4-5 minutes to complete.
  8. Finally, you need to edit the  uEnv.txt to boot from the SSD hard drive: Set the last line to: Save (Strg+O) and Exit (Strg+X)
  9. Last step: rebooting:    





  1. Peter 27. Juni 2014 at 22:30 - Reply

    Thanks for the suggestions you have provided here.

    • Sven Seiler 28. Juni 2014 at 09:32 - Reply

      You are welcome. Hope it helps you to get it working.

  2. B_ri 7. August 2017 at 09:14 - Reply

    Interesting, is it possible to move the linaro data from sd card to hdd instead of nand to hdd?

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