The Alix 3D3 system board

The board is known as „Alix 3D3 Board“ and is equipped with an AMD Geode processor, and in addition a VGA- and an audio-output. It is adequate für the adoption as a webserver, network music player or even as a thin client. Power consumption is (without wireless use) about 5 watt and for this reason the system is very good for a 24h/7day-usage.

Board size is only 100 x 160 mm and you can buy a nice aluminium box for it. So don´t worry about protecting the electrical units.

Technical details:

  • 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU
    AMD Geode is extremly resource-saving and performant enough for running a Java Virtual machine and or a tomcat server.
  • 256 MB DDR DRAM
    Enough RAM for bigger projects or higher memory consumption like a streaming server.
  • 2 miniPCI-slots and one Compact-Flash (CF) socket
    I equipped my system with a 4 GB CF card and a Wlan card (Compex WLM54G 200mW, 802.11bg)
  • power supply can a DC jack or passive POE. Input should be between 7V and up to 20V.
  • Ethernet is a Via VT6105M 10/100 chipset. In my opinion a gigabit ethernet would be a nice option, but I think most costumers won´t use it.
  • The board has a dual USB (USB 2.0 standard) for connection of instaces webcams, external harddrives etc.
  • Award BIOS

You can find the schematics of the board on PC Engines-Website.